Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Global Sales And Marketing

In today's market place simply having a website Online is not enough to achieve higher Internet sales volume.

In order to achieve more Online sales requires a commitment of time and finances, toward a complete Internet marketing system involving sales and marketing personnel, website designers, IT departments, content managers, and upper management. Upper management from the President on down, needs to have an understanding of the customer base and how to properly target the website to that customer base. It will take collaboration from every single level of support. Presidents, CEOs and other corporate executives will need to have a more thorough understanding of the Internet and the technology available to promote their company online.

Companies will have to become educated on the understanding of how Search Engines function, ethical business practices in SEO, Search Engine Optimization, and a much more thorough understanding of why certain websites will need to be more visually graphic and others will need to be more text informative from a search marketing perspective.

Brand Image and Brand Awareness Will also Continue to Play a large Internet Factor on Website Development

Ethics and Internet ethics will be an important key to businesses online. The brand perception of the public about a company's ethical or nonethical business practices will be of greater importance as time goes on. Just take a look at the latest hidden keyword business practices that BMW was doing on their website along with thousands of other websites that got removed from the Google Search index back in 2004 when an unethical SEO company performed massive redirects for their clients' websites and created doorway pages filled with spam. All of these factors can significantly hurt a company's sales. Read this story.

As Web technology changes and improves, the website personnel will have to adapt strategically to new challenges and stay fresh from a B2B or B2C standpoint to create the largest marketing and advertising impact. How well companies do this will reflect in their online sales and the bottom-line.

Ultimately the goal of any B2B or B2C company is to have the website as an online sales extension of your company. Sales and Marketing then can use the website as one of their sales tools for lead capture, secure eCommerce shopping carts for order taking, and eBusiness customer relationship management built in.

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